Journey over the rainbows

February 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

I couldn’t decide over which rainbow I wanted to take you to. So why don’t we go on both trips?

Somewhere over the rainbow, by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

Over the rainbow, rendition by Eva Cassidy

Somewhere over the rainbow
Skies are blue
And the dreams that you dare to dream
Really do come true.



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The sky is not always where we think it is.

The happy wise and slim Swedish

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Fear less, hope more; eat less, chew more; whine less, breathe more; talk less, say more; hate less, love more; and all good things are yours. – Swedish Proverb

From another era

February 21, 2012 § 1 Comment

When I saw this advert, I smiled.

Then I realized…

Was it really that long ago?

Café on ice

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And a picture today. A sidewalk café on a frozen canal in the Netherlands. Isn’t it perfect?

From The Cool Hunter

Goosebump song

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Hope There’s Someone, Anthony and the Johnsons

The melody, the voice, the lyrics… Real intensity and full of emotion.

Time for love

February 13, 2012 § 1 Comment

There is no right time for gifts, but tomorrow is Valentine’s Day…

Celebrating love with flowers, jewelry, perfume, and chocolates has definitely something to do with women. No cheesy recommendations from me to my gentlemen readers but instead, a great story about a woman (and a man):

One night President Obama and his wife Michelle decided to do something out of routine and go for a casual dinner at a restaurant that wasn’t too luxurious. When they were seated, the owner of the restaurant asked the president’s secret service if he could please speak to the First Lady in private. They obliged and Michelle had a conversation with the owner. Following this conversation President Obama asked Michelle, “Why was he so interested in talking to you.” She mentioned that in her teenage years, he had been madly in love with her. President Obama then said, “So if you had married him, you would now be the owner of this lovely restaurant,” to which Michelle responded, “No. If I had married him, he would now be the President.” 

True or not, I love this story. It is amusing and it illustrates with truth and humor women’s role in the lives and careers of men. Behind every great man is a woman. Don’t contradict me. Just say yes.

Valentine’s Day is nevertheless a beautiful occasion although love is about everyday. It is about quality time we enjoy with our nearest and dearest. It is all about time and what we make of it. It is not about things. It is about meaning.

Do buy flowers and jewelry for your beloved though…

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