Attending Lang Lang’s 30th birthday

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The O2 World in Berlin is full. 10,000 people in the arena, Jahja Ling conducts the Schleswig-Holstein Festival orchestra and Lang Lang, unquestionably gifted and majestic, is on stage.Image

In front of one of the greatest classical music performers, no doubt, I am won over. The intelligence of Lang Lang’s piano playing is always striking me. I feel as if he read a story, understood it, felt it and he is now telling us this story. He’s not just a performer. Above his technique, it is the ease and grace he has in his playing that I admire. His interpretation is sensitive and always extremely right.

And the fantastic partner he chose to play Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue? Herbie Hancock. It tells something about Lang Lang’s eclectic passion for music, doesn’t it? The legendary jazz musician was luminous and the connivence between the two pianists was such a delight. A beautiful story told with four hands, the two musicians unfolding the decor together, both adding details to the scenery and revealing progressively the twist and turns of the story.

Probably the moment I liked the most: the two-piano improvisation. A piano conversation between the two men. Brilliance and spontaneity. Lang and Hancock offered a moment of intimacy. They kept a lively argument going. Hancock teases Lang, Lang, mischievous, answers. They surprised each other, they admired each other. It was about respect, it was about friendship. 

Sometimes of course I think I perceived a fabricated moment, a falsified emotion. After all, Lang Lang is a super star… But sometimes and fortunately enough music overcomes this human lapse. This is what I like the most: when we can catch this moment of truth, when music has full space to express its truth. 

It was a show, for sure, commensurate with Lang Lang’s bling, but it was brilliant and sincere.


The most powerful sport in the world

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The most powerful countries in the world stop at the G8 Summit to watch the Champions League Final.


Via Sport 360 Facebook page

 Sometimes we forget they’re only men…


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On my way, Cocoon

That’s the French pop folk. Enjoy!

When I grow up…

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by Isabelle Kessedjian

…I will be a bakery owner (or a crime fighter just like Fantômette).

That was my dream job when I was 5 or 6. I still remember my sisters and I doing business at our imaginary bakery. Small felt-tip colored pieces of paper were our bank bills and buttons the coins. My favorite role was the cashier. I would always convince my sisters to play the oh-so-important role of the bread baker or to be the client. They say it is authoritarian, I say it is participative leadership.

What is funny is that I actually did study business although I don’t want to run a bakery anymore. I think one can have in a life three dream jobs: a “could have been possible”, a “possible” and a “still possible” dream job. The first is about dreams and glitter (I wanted to be a rock star or a piano soloist). The second is about talent or skills (I can be a marketer or an interior designer). And the third is about change (I could do something completely different).

What about yours?

Spring rolls

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Dear dear readers,

I have been very boring this past couple of weeks…hence the yellow roses. Please accept my sincere apologies. I know you longed for my fantastic posts, the incredibly interesting subjects, my amazing style and legendary humor… But let’s forget about these painful moments. Spring is here!

We have lunch on terraces, picnic in parks on the week-ends, can’t go out without our sunglasses and would die to bring the sunscreen too. And we all look healthier. Why? Because the weather is great, sky is blue over our heads, trees are leafy, flowers blossom, and I already ran to the pharmacy for a box of Aerius.

Spring is always a reminder of the nature that surrounds me. It reminds me its strength and beauty, its breath and movement. I think it is a season during which we are the spectators of time. We watch changes and evolution. We are the witnesses of things that disappear and things that are created.

Surprise me!

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The secret to humor is surprise. – Aristotle

Timeless Oasis

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Champagne Supernova – Oasis